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Eight Hotel Locations

The Company holds eight hotel properties in the Southwest United States. These properties include Holiday Inn, Days Inn, and others of similar midlevel status.

Rev: $26MM

NOI: $13+MM

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Leading Oil and Gas Service Provider

Offering nondestructive testing, tubular management, maintenance, repair and safety inspection services for land, shallow water, inland and offshore rigs. For almost four decades of operations, the Company has become a trusted provider for large E&P and contract drilling companies throughout the most active oil producing regions in the United States.

Rev: $24MM



Extensive and Profitable Portfolio of 40+ QSR Locations

Strong brand recognition with over 50 years of exposure in the market. Ranked in the top 20 overall and top 5 within its specific segment. Brand has gone through aggressive rebranding and has emerged as a market leader.

Rev: $52.2MM


Under LOI

Salt Water Disposal

Highly-profitable Department of Natural Resources permitted, class B commercial saltwater disposal facility located in the Haynesville/Cotton Valley formation of northwest Louisiana.

Rev: $3.6MM



Accountable Care Organization

For the past 14 years, the Company has provided its customers with on-time, Rev: $26MM efficient shipments and has developed a loyal customer base of companies that EBITDA: $23MM continue to use them for their refrigerated shipping needs.

Rev: $1.75MM



Widely Recognized Provider of Branded New and Remanufactured Control Valves

The Company enjoys a broad customer base comprised of several hundred active customers and low customer concentration. The Company serves a range of industries including but not limited to the following; oil and gas, petrochemical, pulp and paper and power generation. The Company sells direct to end users, to engineering firms that design and build plants and systems and to resellers that bundle products together for final sale to end users.

Rev: $8.5MM



Leading Independent, Foodservice Distributor 

Carr, Riggs & Ingram Capital Advisors, LLC is pleased to represent the owners of a leading independent, foodservice distributor with a USDA Certified processing plant located in the Southeast US that specializes in premium center-of-the-plate offerings including a wide variety of beef, poultry, pork, lamb, veal, and seafood. For over 10 years the Company has been providing its customers with exceptional products and service.

Rev: $15.9MM  



Ground Breaking Encryption 

A revolutionary encryption management system that eleminates the need for PKI or other asymmetric key management systems used in today's cryptography.

Premiere Provider of Office Furniture and Workspace Solutions

Exclusive rep for the nation’s leading manufacturers of modern, transformative andinnovative workspaces. Factory certified installation and unparalleled service techs. Veteran management team committed to stay and drive growth. Prestigious client base of banks, universities, medical centers and law firms. Extensive suite of services applied to architecture, technology and functionality ofany space.

Rev: $51MM



Professional Employment Organization

Currently in underwriting. Launch set for early July.


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Packaging Company


Southern Apparel

Convenience Stores with QSRs


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