Whether you are passing your company along to the next generation or you would like to cash out a portion of your business while continuing to oversee it, CRI Capital Advisors can help you reach your goal. The business sale process starts with knowing your business’ value, and there is no need to guess that number. Start your journey with our confidential, accurate, and complimentary Phase5 Business Appraisal.

We Know There Are a Variety of Reasons You May Be Looking to Transition.

  • You may be ready to retire.
  • You might be planning to pass your company to the next generation, but you want to ensure a smooth transition.
  • You may want to secure a monetized portion of your work while continuing to serve as the company leader.
  • You might want to add capital for growth, but “Smart Capital” pairs you with an experienced partner who can help grow your business – not simply act as a bank loan.

The CRI Capital Advisors team is comprised of some of the industry’s top specialists who have years of in-depth experience with buying and selling businesses. Our team accesses some of the latest and best appraisal tools available, and we stay up-to-date on the M&A market. Most importantly, the CRI Capital Advisors team knows how to analyze and interpret the available data to quickly give you an accurate, reliable, and confidential business appraisal.

What Makes Our Appraisal Different?

Many merger and acquisition companies can use numbers to determine your company’s value. However, doing so simply scratches the surface of your company’s true worth. Because we evaluate your company’s worth on five levels, we call our method the Phase5 Business Appraisal.

Why would CRI Capital Advisors do this? Our team does not consist only of analysts, we know to look for intangible qualities of your company as well. We have been on both the buyer and the seller sides of negotiations as acquisition specialists and as business owners.

It’s easy to start the next phase of your business. If your business has annual revenues of at least $5 million, then please complete our contact form. Once you submit your responses, we will email you to initiate your appraisal.

January 14, 2017 | Article