• Joel Sikes
    Partner, Managing Director


    Joel joined CRI Capital Advisors more than a decade ago after serving more than 10 years at the CFO level for privately-held companies in healthcare and industrial manufacturing. Joel provides oversight in addition to his Managing Director role by also serving as the Financial Principal and Chief Compliance Officer. His expertise in the areas of finance and management accounting are invaluable as he directs our team through the underwriting process. Ultimately, Joel directs our team through the entire transition process.

    Education and Credentials

    • Bachelor of Science in Finance
    • Certified Management Accountant
    • Investment Banking Representative (Series 79)
    • General Securities Principal (Series 24)
    • Financial and Operations Principal (Series 28)

  • Bill Carr
    Founder and Managing Partner


    With more than 40 years of business and public accounting experience, Bill provides a wealth of knowledge, insight, and expertise as CRI Capital Advisors strives to exceed its clients’ expectations. Under his leadership, CRI has become one of the fastest growing CPA firms in the nation and now ranks as the 20th largest CPA firm in the United States. As an owner of numerous businesses—including manufacturing, agriculture, construction and real estate enterprises, Bill possesses levels of wisdom and business acumen created only be decades of hands-on experience.

    Education and Credentials

    • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
    • University of Alabama, Bachelor’s
    • General Securities Representative (Series 7)
    • General Securities Principal (Series 24)

  • Hilton Galloway
    Managing Partner


    Hilton’s 30 years of experience in the field of public accounting delivering services to large and small companies, governmental entities, and not-for-profit organizations means he’s just about seen it all. From complex tax situations to extensive audits of large organizations, Hilton’s breadth of experience is a valuable asset to the firm and its clients.

    Education and Credentials

    • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
    • University of West Florida, Bachelor’s
    • General Securities Representative (Series 7)
    • General Securities Principal (Series 24)

  • Paul Evans
    VP Business Development


    Paul Evans packages approximately 30 years of business experience and delivers it as a client strategist. He’s been on both the buyer and seller side of mergers and acquisitions as a client and business owner. This unique perspective helps Paul serve clients in a way complementary to the traditional investment banker perspective since he understands day-to-day business operations in addition to the spreadsheet side. Plus, he provides almost two decades of business consulting experience that can strategically assist companies and owners making critical decisions for the next stage of their future. As an accomplished speaker and presenter, Paul has shared events with leadership experts John C. Maxwell and the late Zig Ziglar.

    Education and Credentials

    • Bachelors of Science in Business Management

  • Brandon Maddox
    Investment Banker


    Brandon brings a different skill set and approach to the investment banking process. As a former software engineer, Brandon applies a uniquely analytical and detailed approach to underwriting or “packaging” deals for the marketing and negotiation phases. Likewise, Brandon’s focus on detail and process enables our firm to efficiently execute the data-heavy and document-laden diligence and closing phases of the transaction process. He continues to consistently facilitate improved communication and organized data flow throughout every phase of the transaction process.

    Education and Credentials

    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    • Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
    • Investment Banking Representative (Series 79)