Are you about to reach retirement? Maybe you’re hoping to work a few more years but would really like to secure your retirement income now. Many of our clients have reached the point in their lives at which retirement or at least the path toward retirement is on the horizon. Sometimes, there are no members of the next generation of family or owners to carry on the Company. Other times, the next generation is actively involved in the Company but they simply do not have the financial resources to afford the founder or primary owner an exit with the liquidity and security required for his or her eventual retirement.

CRI Capital Advisors works closely with clients to understand the goals, needs, and desires of every owner and family member involved. We work diligently to identify acquirers and financial partners that bring more than just money to the table. They bring a shared vision and deep respect for the years of hard work and sacrifice that you have poured into your Company.

The financial value of a transaction is certainly of high importance. But finding the right partner is important as well. Placing your Company in the hands of an acquirer that will treat your employees fairly and honor the legacy you have built is critical. If family members choose to remain with the Company and continue to help lead the Company forward, there must be common ground, mutual respect and a spirit of cooperation for the Company to thrive following a transition of this magnitude.

If you are considering retirement or seeking an avenue through which to transition your Company to the next generation of owners, CRI Capital Advisors can assist you in identifying the right partner and executing a transaction on your behalf.

January 25, 2017 | Article