Is your Company growing fast? Are you concerned about the personal risk involved in funding growth initiatives on your own? CRI Capital Advisors works closely with clients whose Companies are in growth mode to find the right partner to financially and operationally support aggressive and effective growth strategies.

The money is important. Receiving capital from outside sources at an appropriate valuation for your Company is certainly a critical element. But beyond the dollars; you need a partner with the business expertise, sales channels, back office/IT/HR/accounting support that will drive your Company forward. This is called “smart money.” More than just financial backing, growth partners bring valuable knowledge, experience and relationships to promote the growth of your Company.

Too often we see companies miss opportunities for break-out growth simply because the personal risk to the owners is too great. A well-funded and experienced financial partner can reduce your personal risk and provide the funding and the business horsepower to tackle aggressive growth opportunities.

If your Company has enjoyed substantial growth and is poised for even more rapid acceleration, CRI Capital Advisors can assist you in refining your growth strategy and finding the right partner to propel your Company forward.

January 25, 2017 | Article