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Being a family-owned or closely-held company does not exempt an organization from unique complexities, ownership dynamics, and market forces that come to bear on your most consequential decisions. Regardless of a company’s size, when considering a significant transition for your business, you deserve the support and advice of experienced professionals who understand your business and the environment within which you operate. The CRI Capital Advisors team possesses a breadth of experience and expertise in the disciplines most critical to achieving your desired outcome.


CRI Capital Advisors has assembled a team of mergers and acquisitions professionals with extensive experience across a broad range of industries. Manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, business services, technology, healthcare…we have been there. Our team members include entrepreneurs and subject matter experts who enable us to grasp the unique nuance of not only your specific industry, but the specific sub-sectors and circumstances in which you operate.

Ownership Dynamics

Unless your company is owned by a group of otherwise disassociated shareholders who view their investment and involvement in your company strictly through a financial lens, you face unique challenges when considering a transition in ownership. Family relationships, long-term friendships, estate, and generational wealth considerations impact the already complicated process of selling all or a portion of your company. The CRI Capital Advisors team works extensively with family-owned and closely-held companies to navigate these important relational aspects, while remaining focused on the critical business elements of the processes which drive maximum value and deliver targeted results.


Selling all or part of your business will perhaps be the most complex business endeavor you undertake in your career. Every transaction is complicated. However, every transaction also brings with it unique complexities that must be identified, managed, and turned to the seller’s advantage. CRI Capital Advisors enables clients to successfully navigate extremely sophisticated and intricate transactions including elements such as: fixed assets and real-estate heavy businesses, multiple entities and ownership groups, international acquirers, private equity and publicly traded acquirers, and financially fragile or distressed companies.


It is true that our firm has grown from southern roots. However, don’t believe the myth that all the horsepower resides with the New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles advisory firms. Our team routinely negotiates and executes transactions across the table from large corporations, publicly traded companies, Big 4 accounting firms, and the nation’s largest and most formidable legal firms. Up for the most rigorous of challenges, our team of skilled mergers and acquisition advisors is backed by more than 2,000 tax, accounting, and financial professionals, enabling our clients to draw from a deep well of resources and expertise.