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Advising family-owned & closely-held companies to prepare, position, and sell for maximum value.
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Going beyond a so-called “proprietary process”
that tabulates the value of your company,
CRI Capital Advisors employs a process
tailor made for each client. Our team’s
industry leading research tools,
penetrating analysis, in-depth insight,
and extensive experience help position
your company for maximum value.
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CRI Capital Advisors
matches clients with acquirers
that intend to honor and respect
the values, employees, contribution
to community, and good name you
have worked so hard to cultivate.

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This is more than a transaction.
It is a transition to the future
you have imagined. Surround yourself
with trusted professionals who are focused on
securing your best possible outcome and
who will protect you along this transition path.

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We walk alongside you
to help you determine and fulfill
your best possible option in today’s
rapidly changing business environment.
Whether it’s a complete, majority, or
minority sale, or you would like to discuss
the essentials of preparing to sell,
call our advisors today.
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